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All Star - Champagne and X lyrics

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I quit smokin' for the 114th time baby today
I just thought I should let you know
It's my sway

I'm talkin' 'bout champagne (champagne) and ecstasy (and ecstasy) x4

If I lose at the dice game you goin' to the cleaners
Win at the dice game we're goin' to the mall (hooray)
(If I don't do) If I don't do nothin' I'm a ball' (ball')
Even when I'm sittin' down swear my money stayin' tall (yeah)
I walk like a star (star,) I talk like a star (star)
Livin' for the moment haven't thought about tomorrow (nah)
I met her at the club tryin' to take her to the room
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I'm a do her so well she gon' make me her groom (oh)
I feel how I look and I look like the moon I mean
I shine all night I say I'm doin' all right (all right)
Damn why the club had to close so soon
I could do this all night, they say I'm doin' all right
Grind hard every day, there ain't no exception (nah)
Focus on the cake like a chef at a wedding (hah)
What's the point of playin' if you ain't tryin' be a legend man
I was on the first and she was on the second...

I'm talkin' 'bout champagne (champagne) and ecstasy (and ecstasy) x4

Hi, I'm high, I live in a hot air balloon
Keep your heat ignite and I ain't never comin' down (never)
Got my weight up and I ain't tryin' to lose a pound (pound)
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If it's hot over there then I'm tryin' to move around
I'm the one for them homies in Miami that ain't here
So don't look behind my ears, but I been doin' this for years (hey)
Man I gotta go hard, I don't know no other way
Tell them hey, why they hatin', I'm opposed this Rosey
Tryin' to party 'til 6, and it's just 2:30 (2:30)
Too bad, why the club gotta close so early (dang)
She was eyein' me and her best friend flirtin' (hey now)
I was nervous, feelin' like a virgin (eh heh)
Too light bright video type under covers (what up)
Hate not to come in between us but there's love (oh)
So low that I think I told her I love her (eh heh)
Don't care that they dance, baby hustle (and then they was...)

I'm talkin' 'bout champagne (champagne) and ecstasy (and ecstasy) x4
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Momma I look better than the last time you seen me (yeah)
It's like checkers, I made it now king me (hey)
And you toast homie, pull up, makin' a Mimosa
While the jury in their clothes are like I jumped off a poster (oh)
We thought a nigga lost it then I got it right back
Shit I ain't even know that I had it like that (heh)
Shorty wanna role, you put my swag to the max
So my very best friend keep a bag full of stacks (what up B)
What it is, what you want to do
Man the cork's in appearance but the glock's popped too (pop-pop)
And don't get confused, what you hear is not true
Cool while you is watchin' me, nigga they was watchin' you (you)
If I was you man I would not move 'cause if they want to take us
They better bring their squads too (yeah)
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Niggas lose their fuckin' mind on their drink and their pills
For real, I think you better chill 'cause you must have had too much...

I'm talkin' 'bout champagne (champagne) and ecstasy (and ecstasy) x4

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