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Gemstones - Fire In My Heart lyrics

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[Adele hook]
There's a fire starting in my heart,
Reaching a fever pitch it's bringing me out the dark

June 20th a Gemini is born
Ain't no secret I'm murdering anything I get on
Ain't no reason for surgery, silence, so we can mourn
I literally leave a murder scene every time I perform
This a state of emergency, been a bit of a disturbance, see
Artists showin' no courtesy, rappers' out of his form

Should be locked up for perjury, line up on what you're doin'
Sellin' your soul for currency, anything to get on
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Hell is for an eternity, hope you know where you're goin'
An industry full of wannabe's, never what I conform (um)

Light years ahead of you rappers that shouted flowin'
And half of the ones that got it don't even know what they're doin'
You write a rap and it's whack, it's the rappers that you influence
So backwards half of the time don't know if you're comin' or goin'
Your lack of passion for rap is the reason rap has been ruined
If fashion is where your passion is, that's what you should be doin'
They claim they're cut from the fabric, except they paintin' their drawings
But as soon as they get to eatin' you're back and touchin' your groin, so

Riddle me, riddle me, how many rappers physically
Drizzle with the ability, that can mess with me lyrically
Mimic or even mirror me, Hell'll freeze over literally
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Wildebeest with the simile's, metaphors' an agility
Little you to belittle me, jealous of what I'm willed to be
Still a beast with the killers, be gents, and mental then it will be
Typically easy as me on top of this instrumental beat
I'm a problem, admit it, you scared, I'm a make it hard to eat

Still a gorilla killer, retardedly solemnly swore that I would go get it scared
Well you oughta be callin' a priest if he really should kill a prayer and prophecy
Follows me through the wilderness, father put me where I should be

Pray that the shorties follow me
But I ain't follow Chuck D
Gem visions so they can see
But Wakka Flakka to them is what B.I.G. was to me
Tupac and that hologram could never replace the grief
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And had he still been alive, you rappers would never be
Don't act as if you're surprised, you know it as well as me
Just happened to be the guy that reported it on the CD

I listen to artists and be like, maybe listen to me
Steal your ingredients but they don't want to let you to eat
Got friends that envious, of the talent 'cause I'm a beast
Mad at me for reaching the levels that I done reached

Fell off, I wasn't ready to feast
I walked away from the table and Drizzy sat in the seat
Knock it off with the fables, 'for you put me to sleep
Gemstones feel life da logo, loco with the speech, these artists are

Just so-so, they just hidin' behind the beat
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The production is dope though so it's harder for you to peep
And you fall for the bozos, spittin' bars like they ain't weak
On these blogs and got the nerve to be sorry like Chief Keef

The way this industry doggin' is elite (I'm appalled)
Got the people and all, like these beats (and they frauds)
And hop on anything dog with a sweet leap (like a fraud [frog?])
Are eventually all, in a deep sleep (and the fall)
They've offended me, all of these bleep bleeps
With a cause, think they don't limit me all 'cause I speak deep
But I'm Jaws and I'll eat anything, gnaw with these teeth
Through the walls of this weak industry, targeting these geeks
With a cause, until I diminished them all and they retreat, and dissolve
I'm academically out of these boys reach, I've evolved to destroy anything
Bloggin and retweet
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I'll be doggin' 'til I'm frozen, a coffin and deceased

Lyrical miracle, since they cut my umbilical
Still a fool with the syllables, guess you think it's some spiritual
I will cook up a batch of these volatile chemicals
Pick up scoop and swing it right at you, like some gorilla poop
Killa shoot if he feel like he thrilla, hope you're gorilla proof
Feel it you across your chest and you know it's stupid, I can feel in you
Never proof 'for I kill a proof, just as easy as killin' proof
Pitiful, I should spill on you, fall asleep and I lit a fuse

You're goin' wish you. All you rappers. All you RAPPERS! All you fake...MCs
That's misleading our youth! Talkin' about cars you ain't got! Crack that you've never sold.
Neighbourhoods that you know you can't go in. You ain't real. Be yourself!

[rock, rap, hip-hop and R&B lyrics found on]
It's Gemstones. It ain't no question who's the elephant in the room.
You're gonna wish you never met me
Shout out to Adele
You already know who it is
Gemstones for life! Ah hah hah! WOOOOH!

Y'all gonna wish you
Never have met me
Tears are gonna fall
Rolling in the deep

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