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Lil Wayne - Santa Clause lyrics

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I'm young, mula, Weezy, baby
And baby you can never take off
And butt naked, is me
And so, is she
And we are about to face off, so

I drop the top on the phantom yacht
Can I c-cannon ball
I told that Nick Cannon, do you want to cannon ball
I'm an animal, take your life and your bra
And I'm out like anbesol
I kept her number and her drawers
She's such a naughty girl, and I'm her Santa Clause
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And I don't mean a magazine
When I say I ate her catalogue
I gave her cat a dog
Roof roof, baby
Blood gang honey, suwoop baby
Do you baby, now do me baby
I would eat you like a tasty pastry

Now I got one named Ashley
Not O's Ashley
Mine is from Miami and she got a friend named Mary
And they come as a tandem, and I think you know what happens
Jump off, jump off, jump off, jump off

Remix baby!
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